Andy Demi

CEO & Head Trader

Andy Demi is the Head Trader for London Trading Group, where he is managing a team of experienced traders as well as handling a multi-million pound portfolio. He is a BSc graduate of Economics, holds an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking, as well as attaining the professional Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

Starting out in the industry in 2001, Andy Demi had the opportunity to immerse himself in the markets whilst working with institutions including JP Morgan, Schroders and Barclays Global Investors. He brings with him over a decade of professional trading experience in Equities, Futures and FX markets, as well as numerous years of experience mentoring and educating students and traders alike.

He is considered an expert in technical analysis as well as having a thorough grasp of macro factors influencing markets.

Christopher Guzman

President & Senior Trader

“The only constraint to our potential, the only obstacle to progress, the only limit on learning, is that which we create ourselves.”

Christopher is a former Financial Services Representative of the New York Life Insurance Company, where he consistently ranked among the top 10 regional producers. He is a former Legal Assistant and Lead Investigator for one of New York State’s most prominent Civil Rights Law Firms. He is a Professional Forex Trader, Lecturer, and Instructor who has mentored thousands of students around the globe toward becoming successful traders.

He joined London Trading Group in 2018 as its President and Senior Trader, and is dedicated to furthering the company’s mission, which is to enhance as many lives as possible through empowerment and education.

Alberto Pallotta

Senior Trader

Alberto started his trading career 15 years ago trading stocks. Alberto is an engineering graduate and possesses a Masters in Financial Mathematics. During his career he has built strategies for several financial institutions including complex quantitative option pricing models, and volatility forecasters. He has a lot of institutional experience at various Hedge Funds and Prop Houses.

Alberto has a very well versed trading book. Alberto engages in both algorithmic and discretionary trading. He trades options, futures and ETFs (the latter which he also invests in). Due to his expertise, credentials and his passion for teaching, Alberto is frequently asked to be a guest lecturer in several universities.

Benjamin Brown

Trade Recruitment

Benjamin Brown graduated from University of Hertfordshire with a BA (Hons) in Marketing; with a major in finance thus developing his interest and understanding of the financial markets.

Benjamin career in trading began as an FX deliverables broker and then at the later stages of his career in the finance and recruitment sector, observing traders and the different rituals they use to ensure that they are consistent and profitable. Benjamin has also seen practices that hurt a trader’s performance and ones that hold them back from achieving their potential.

He strongly believe that the difference between the market wizards and the average trader is nothing more than education. It is his passion to help aspiring traders transform into professional traders and guide professional traders who could be doing better by identifying and ensuring they get the education they need.

Thomas Hoyle

Head of Performance/Trader

Thomas began his career as an Officer in the British Army. It was here he extended his A – Level psychology knowledge by being mentored on the mind management work developed by a leading sports psychiatrist. Thomas has used this experience and expertise to successfully prepare and develop the soldiers under his command for promotion and to gain the most out of themselves when faced in high pressure environments and situations. Since leaving the military Thomas continued to increase the performance of traders here at The London Trading Group but also his independent clients.

Not only does Thomas have the skills and knowledge of a performance coach but he is also a trader himself and therefore has that added benefit of experience in the markets and thus can relate to everything the traders here and his clients go through. His role as an Officer in the Army required him to manage risk and uncertainty on nearly a daily basis. Developing these skills lead Thomas to an easy transition of becoming a trader where managing risk and uncertain is vital.

In his free time Thomas is a keen snooker player as well as a long distance runner and when he has time is an avid reader of non-fiction books.

Jigar Mankani

Junior Trader

Jigar graduated from Middlesex University with a BSc (Hons) in Banking and Finance with a First Class Honours degree.

After completing the 3 month programme at London Trading Group, he is now currently a Junior FX Trader where he is continuously improving his trading skills, while employing the risk management techniques taught in London Trading Group.

Jigar is currently trading company and private funds and is currently looking to add other products to his trading book. His interest in the financial markets started in university where he attended several talks and lectures about finance, particularly those about the financial markets. In fact, even organised a lot of these himself including finding speakers.

Before coming in London Trading Group, he was a high achiever in the financial markets. During his time in university he undertook an Applied Trading Course where he was the best performer and most profitable trainee in his group. Subsequently in university he formed a team which traded in the Bloomberg Inter-university Competition where his team came in 3rd in the country. He also organised a lot of trading workshops where students could develop and refine their trading skills. His time in London Trading Group saw him take his skills to new heights.

Jigar is very knowledgeable with technical indicators, including those not commonly used such as the Ichimoku cloud. He regularly keeps on top of the fundamental news which influences the financial markets. He also liaises with universities and institutions who look to help aspiring traders break into this tough industry.


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