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About this Course

Based either online through our innovative online learning portal, or in-house at our state-of-the-art offices in the City of London, students have the opportunity to learn forex trading directly from career professional traders as they trade live across the Forex markets.

Whether you are a beginner in trading, or you have some experience and are seeking to enhance your skills, our career trading programmes are designed to allow for flexibility customisation, so that you have everything you need to get you to the next level.

To learn Forex trading professionally requires commitment, a desire to succeed, and a helping hand from industry professionals who have been where you are and have come out of the other side. You will learn to trade Forex directly from senior traders, who make a living in trading, and mentors whose life’s work is to create successful traders.This inside knowledge is invaluable in your journey of learning how to trade the financial markets.

Flexible Learning Options

We understand that many people are unable to commit a large amount of time to a thorough trading education due to family / work commitments. So we have ensured that all our trading programmes have the flexibility to be delivered on your terms, on your budget, and around your schedules, without neglecting the quality of the teaching. Regardless of the method or the period, the education you receive will be second to none. If attending a trading programme in London is not possible, why not join us on our award-winning online trading course? It will still allow you to access the same trading education and unparalleled support without ever having to leave your house. You’re unique – so why would you ever go for a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your learning?

If you would like to discuss which options would be most suitable for you, let’s have a conversation so that we can assess your current level of education / experience, your objectives, and your needs, so that we can tailor a programme to fit you. Book a free consultation today and take the first exciting step toward finding which path of success is best suited to you.

4 Pillars of Education

The Associate Financial Trading Programme is the ultimate Forex Trading course for beginners & intermediate level traders. It is a comprehensive education to the world of Foreign Exchange (FX) trading and is designed to help you establish a solid foundation upon which you can hone and improve your trading skills

In this course, we focus on four distinct, equally important areas of study – Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Risk and Money Management and Trading Psychology. These are the four pillars of successful trading.

Technical Analysis

A big focus of the Associate Trading Programme is teaching you how to use trading charts to predict the likely direction of the market. Some of the topics include Supply and Demand, Price Action Trading, Trading Indicators, Chart Patterns and Wave Analysis. Technical analysis, when used correctly, will allow you to learn how to trade Forex like the professionals do. No longer will you be the last one in on a big move and wonder why you are never in at the right time – or equally frustrating – in at the right time, but on the wrong side of the move.

By learning how to trade directly from industry experts, with decades of experience in large hedge funds and investment banks, you will learn how to use technical analysis the same way that big investment institutions do.

Crucially, you will learn how to piece all these together to form your very own customised trade plan.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis is the study of macro-economic data and its effect on the markets. In this course, you will learn how and why news releases affect currency prices, what specific data to focus on, and how to incorporate this knowledge into your overall analysis, giving you a competitive advantage in trading.

Although we believe that the market is driven by technical analysis, it is important to learn how to interpret major financial announcements as they can have a major impact on the short-term direction of a currency pair.

Fundamental announcements also create a lot of volatility in the markets (especially if the consensus estimate is wrong), so you must be prepared for anything. We believe if you want to learn to trade Forex like a professional, then you must understand the macro implications on a currency pair, so you can make the correct decisions ahead of time. By being prepared you immediately get an edge over other traders.

Trading Psychology

Trading psychology is a fundamental component of successful trading. It is one of the main reasons over 90% of new traders are unable to find consistent profitability. It is far too frequently overlooked by traders and educators alike – but experience shows that without learning to understand your own trading psychology, you are missing a key ingredient for success.

In this course, we explore common psychological pitfalls that trap an overwhelming number of new and experienced traders alike. We teach you the skills necessary for understanding these pitfalls. Equipping yourself with the ability to manage your own emotions, in a market driven by emotion – is an obvious competitive advantage.

Risk and Money Management

Risk and money management is a fundamental component to trade successfully. In this section you will learn how to limit your risk and maximise your profit. When learning how to trade it is more important to focus on protecting your account rather than focussing on the how much money you are going to make.  It is a common mistake for beginners learning to trade, to only think about how much money they are going to make if the trade works out. This type of short-sighted thinking is what leads to people blowing up their accounts when trades go the wrong way.

You are going to learn to think like a professional and you will learn to trade exactly how institutional traders trade. The goal here is to keep you in the game long enough so you can master Forex Trading and become proficient enough to be classed as a professional.

Core Learning Objectives

The Associate Trading Programme aims to give you a solid foundation in Forex trading. You are going to learn forex trading strategies that are used by our professional traders, and you will become proficient in the 4 pillars of trading; technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk and money management and trading psychology.

Successful completion means you would have achieved the following core objectives:

Development and implementation of your own Trade Plan that incorporates good Equity and Risk Management

A solid understanding of what constitutes high probability trades – and how to spot the difference between good trades and bad trades

Development of a systematic approach to trading cantered around measured rules that keep you accountable

Tracking and improving your trading performance by learning how to analyse your trades correctly and tweaking your approach

Working knowledge and understanding of the fundamental factors underpinning the core G7 currencie

Comprehension of common psychological pitfalls that affect success and consistency

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