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Daily Trading Range (DTR)

The DTR allows a trader to find the predicted high and low of the day. Any position can be modeled to remain within these parameters as a target outside this range has a much lower probability of occurring. This indicator is perfect for matching significant daily levels and finding levels of confluence.

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Based on an advanced Fibonacci pattern exclusive to London Trading Group. This system transforms the Fibonacci pattern from an indicator into a complete strategy. This strategy has been programmed to highlight exact market swings and areas in which trades are more likely to reach a specific price level. The software automatically loads the Fibonacci swings on to any time frame allowing the trader to see the market’s exact position in terms of retracement/extension in order to quickly reach a decision. This provides precise target and stop areas which can be combined with other technical tools to further increase their prominence. It is available in as a manual and automatic indicator.

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Demand and Supply

With this tool, you can easily slash the time it takes for you to analyse the markets looking for major levels on a chart. It also removes the subjective element of drawing major levels; you no longer need to guess which levels qualify as areas of supply and demand (or support and resistance). With this indicator the tools will be automatically drawn in for you. With the key levels already mapped out for you, you can focus more on planning your trades.

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Trend lines

This tool removes the subjective element of drawing proper trend lined by detecting trends and placing the appropriate levels for you. Leaving you with more time to find trading opportunities in the markets.

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