Pro FX Indicators

The LTI trading indicators have been created to simulate the same rule-based approach that the big institutions follow.

They help you make more accurate and consistent trading decisions, and ultimately improve your trading results.

Become a more consistent trader in less time!
Invest In Your Success!
Essential Trading Tools
Daily Trading Range (DTR)
Use this to accurately predict the high and low of the day with great precision.

Too often in trading, we’ve seen traders go for unrealistic targets. That is, targets that are outside the daily trading ranges of individual currency pairs.Understanding the daily trading range and its impact on currencies has vastly improved our trading performance – so we’ve set about to creating an indicator that would help you do the same.

The Daily Trading Range indicator allows you to identify the predicted high and low of the day. Any position can be modelled to remain within these parameters as targets outside this range have a much lower probability of success.This software is perfect for matching significant daily levels and finding levels of confluence and is an invaluable tool for drastically enhancing performance.
Automatic Trend Lines
Drawing the correct trendlines is essential to trading. Use our auto trendline tool to avoid costly mistakes.

Trend lines are essential to identifying trend direction and momentum. Drawn correctly, they can also be extremely powerful tools for knowing when to get in the market, as well as when to get out. Drawing them incorrectly can be disastrous!.

Never again will you have to question whether your trend line was drawn correctly with this tool. We have designed this tool to automatically detect trends for you — it will even plot the lines with 100% accuracy every time, leaving you free of doubt when identifying overall trends and even, identifying entry and exit points.
Auto Fibonacci
An advance automation tool to plot the ABCD market waves for you with predictable entries and matching profit targets.

Based on an advanced Fibonacci pattern, this system enhances the Fibonacci pattern from being just an indicator, to being a complete stand-alone strategy in its own right. This strategy has been programmed to highlight exact market swings and areas in which trades are more likely to reach a specific price level.

The software automatically loads the Fibonacci swings on to any time frame allowing you to see the market’s exact position in terms of retracement/extension, which enables you to quickly reach a decision. This provides precise target and stop areas and can be combined with other technical tools to further increase their effectiveness. It is available as both a manual and automated indicator.
Supply & Demand Zones
Use the same trading levels that institutions use so you are always trading off the best information.

This indicator is phenomenal – it will enable you to slash the time it takes for identifying key levels of support and resistance on your charts. Markets consistently react to these levels, and knowing where they are is a vital component of success.

Knowing where they are automatically, without any effort or input – now that’s PRICELESS!. With key levels drawn in for you, your main focus will shift from how to find a trade, to how to manage the trade instead.
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