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Facts you need to know

Trade Journal

This will help you record every trade you take. You may think your broker does this for you, but they’ll never go into enough detail. The more detail the better. Why? you may ask. The reason is so we can identify and eliminate any weaknesses in your trading.

Trade Plan

This will map out exactly your processes when taking a trade. You should have an answer for every scenario the market has to throw at you. ‘What happens if I see a shooting star candlestick formation?’ – Check your plan – ‘I hold the position and wait for further confirmation’. Set rules to take your emotions out of the game.

Risk Calculator

This is lesson 1 in risk management! To be a successful trader you MUST understand risk. This calculator will allow you to quickly work out your risk for the trade you’re looking at.

How it Works

London Trading Group believes trading is a science.
Science is based on facts and evidence.
We must accumulate facts and evidence of how we trade.